An Important Announcement for Stephenson Law

April 1, 2021

From digital contracts to blockchain, the world of tech has hauled us into the future, forever changing the world in which we live.

As a fast-paced agile law firm, our history has been shaped by our responsiveness. But, it’s also been shaped by the necessity to think one step ahead, and predict the future that lies ahead for the legal industry.

Which brings us to today.

The future of law is changing

As a firm we’ve always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, but at what point does innovation go too far?

Plagued by tool after tool, facing increasing technological complexity, and at the whim of internet speeds, it made us ask: are we going about this entirely the wrong way?

This last year has featured continuous lockdowns, remote working, and isolation from our peers. It made us question the kind of world we want to return to when all of this is over.

Is it a world with zoom? Faceless project boards? Calendly links, trello, teams, slack, and every other solution under the sun? Or do we want to embrace that which we’ve missed most: the people.

It’s become clear that it’s time for Stephenson Law to well and truly take a step back from the world of tech, in order to take a step forward.

This is why on April 5th we’ll be shutting down everything…

  • Our Microsoft teams, our Slack, our Outlook.
  • Our Onboarding Platform, our Cloud drives, our recording systems.
  • Our dual screens, our laptops, our hard drives.
  • Our PDFs, our docusigns, our scanners.

All of it.

As a firm of #HumanLawyers, we’ve learned the importance of going back to basics: and ultimately, nature. Authenticity doesn’t derive from tech, but from the traditions that built the long lasting legal industry we know today.

What can you expect?

For urgent queries, we’ll begin filtering all urgent messages via landline, but will be transitioning to exclusively letters in the coming months. We ask you from April 5th to avoid using email, as we will be unreachable via the internet.

As the weeks go by, rather than receiving your documents, your communications, and your contracts via email (notoriously at the whim of hackers, internet speeds, and crashing platforms) you’ll receive your handwritten documents in the palm of your hand, delivered by courier and with you from 3 to 5 business days.  

We will be dusting off our fountain pens, and stocking the cupboards with pens, pencils, and erasers, ensuring there’s no slowing the quality service you’ve come to expect.

This is not only in the interest of going back to basics, but will also aid in increased security for you and your business. With each envelope sealed with a Stephenson Law wax seal, you can rest easy knowing you have proof of your document’s integrity.

To find out more about Stephenson Law, you can contact us via post, telegraph, or alternatively, pigeon mail. Please note, we are only accepting pigeon mail within the UK, due to post-brexit border issues.

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