All Aboard (The New Stephenson Law Onboarding Platform)

June 19, 2020

At SLHQ we take pride in the fact that we’re doing things differently. Whether you’re visiting our website, looking at our LinkedIn page or following us on Insta, it’s likely you’ll come across a sentence that says something along the lines of “we’re challenging the legal industry” – and we’re always thinking of new ways to do just that.Back in February we launched our new website. This is quite often going to set our clients first impression of SL and we want it to be a good one! We’ve had some great feedback and, although any website is always a work-in-progress, we’re confident we’ve achieved our objective here. So, what do we do next?  Transform the way we onboard our clients of course!

As anyone who has ever instructed a solicitor will know, the onboarding process can be a real drag. Engagement letters can be awfully boring (to any of our clients reading much of our engagement letter did you actually read before electronically signing on the dotted line?!) and verifying the identity of our clients can be really difficult (especially for those we don’t get to meet in person before we start working with them).

We teamed up with the wonderful team at Enhanceable to build our very own onboarding platform. It does everything we need and want it to, plus it’s really quick and easy for our clients to use. It’s also beautifully branded.

Harvey Coplestone, Head of Client Strategy at Enhanceable, says:

"What can I say… working with Stephenson Law is a blast! Never a boring or dull moment, their energy and passion for serving their clients is inspiring. I’m super happy with the client onboarding platform we’ve built together, and I look forward to seeing what innovative and exciting projects we can work on next! They’re not your typical bunch of lawyers, that’s for sure."

The platform has been built so we can manage the onboarding of our clients in one place. Our clients will have their own login details for the platform so that they can monitor the onboarding progress themselves. The platform gives clients the ability to:

  • Verify their identify from their laptop/mobile. We’ve integrated our platform with SumSub so that all clients need to do is upload their photo ID, take a selfie with the ID and upload proof of address. SumSub then does the rest do ensure that we can comply with our obligations under anti-money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions regulations
  • Review and agree our instruction form from their online account. We’ve ditched the traditional engagement letter and created a much simpler instruction form which gives our clients all the information they need

Ed Boal, Director & Head of Legal Operations, says:

“At SL, our relationship with our clients is what matters most, so we’re always thinking of ways to provide a delightful experience from engagement to invoicing. Although there are loads of onboarding solutions out there, we didn’t feel that any of them were the right fit for us or our clients – so developing our own seemed the best way forward. The feedback we’ve had from clients that have tested the platform so far has been really positive.”

We’re not stopping there either! We’re already planning ways to extend the platform to improve the way we work with our clients and each other as part of our innovative retainer model.

A huge thank you to Harvey and the team at Enhanceable who have helped make the magic happen.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates.  

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