The Stephenson Law Rebrand: A New Face for a New Era

April 21, 2022

When we founded in 2017 it was hard to know where Stephenson Law was going to end up. With founder Alice Stephenson on her lonesome, she was driven by a mission to disrupt the legal industry and work with businesses who wanted more from their lawyers. Alice could hardly predict that the next five years would be replete with highs, invariable lows, and irreplaceable experiences shared amongst colleagues who would soon turn to friends.  

Alice built a brand and business that would allow a fledgling idea to blossom into a fully formed firm that could stand on its own two feet. Five years on, the brand and the business are doing more than teetering on two metaphorical feet. As a multi-award-winning firm with a team of almost forty talented flockers, Stephenson Law has come a long way. But, like any growing business, the firm has slowly but surely begun to outgrow its roots. Pastel pinks, minty greens, board room blue hues... while the brand’s former image perfectly represented the ambitious early-stage startup, it has quickly lost it’s... bite.  

So, what have we done about it?  

We’ve grown up, and so have our clients

Five years ago, we predominantly supported startups in the Bristol area. Today, we’ve grown to a UK-wide firm, specialising in a broad range of legal matters and working with soaring scaleups in the UK and abroad. While our old brand spoke perfectly to early-stage local businesses, it has slowly become misleading for the punchy energetic business we and our clients have grown to become. As we support fast-growth businesses from idea to exit, many of our legal teams work hard to scale some of the world’s most recognisable brands. Our new brand reflects our energy, professionalism and ever-evolving attitude. Frankly, pastel pink just didn’t cut the mustard anymore. Flamingo pink on the other hand? Oh hell yeah.  

Our purpose is paramount

At Stephenson Law our purpose is simple: we empower lawyers to challenge the status quo. Why? Because we believe clients deserve access to innovative legal services that not only protects them, but also propels them forward. As a result, disruption, innovation, and forward-thinking are at the heart of everything we do, from our legal services to our tech-innovations. Our flock knew this, but were we communicating this enough to the outside world?  

Take a look at our about us page, where we now share exactly why we do what we do.

Our website was, well, a little old

Creaking under the weight of time, our website had begun to get a little, well, old. As time drew on, our marketing team were slowly tormented by the potential of the business not quite being met by the no longer fit-for-purpose website.  

So, half for Stephenson Law, and half for the sanity of our marketing team, we decided it was time for an overhaul.  

Now our brand spanking new website more than adequately showcases our six (and growing) legal subscriptions and packages, our legal expertise, and our penchant for luminous pink.

You can check out our subscription and packages page here.

Rebrand Shmebrand: Who is Stephenson Law?

Stephenson Law is a multi-award-winning legal services provider, a home for human lawyers, and the legal partner of businesses who share our desire to flip their industries on their head.  

Show us the rebrand!  

So, that’s our rebrand in a nutshell. Though, as you might understand, this labour of love has been an expansive one, extending far beyond the reach of a nutshell. If you’d like to get a bird’s eye view of this project, head to our homepage and let us know what you think!

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