We provide fast growth blockchain  companies with strategic advice and support on day-to-day matters


Blockchain-specific legal guidance for your leadership team 

We recognise the challenges that young, ambitious blockchain  businesses face. Many of our early-stage blockchain clients don’t have a legal function that protects the business from the rapidly evolving risks as they grow in the context of a constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

Our blockchain subscription provides your leadership team with a flexible resource led by lawyers with in-depth blockchain and cryptoasset experience to:

Enable better decision making through the right legal advice and legal process;
Protect your business and blockchain technology against key legal, technological and reputational risks;
Help to manage all the legal aspects and blockchain technology in your business.

With our blockchain subscription we can:

Advise you on the law surrounding your blockchain project. 
Give you access to our established network of blockchain savvy advisors, including accountants, corporate trustees and oversees counsel. 
Understand the legal risks and blockers your business is facing and advise your management team on how to overcome these in a practical way.  
Work with you to develop a legal and blockchain technology strategy for your business. 
Optimise your existing law firm engagements, ensuring you are getting the best advice for the right price.  
Suggest policies/processes to speed up execution and control risk. 
Provide timely and confidential advice to your management team/board. 

How it works

You can guarantee legal support from our team by booking an agreed number of blocks for the month ahead. Each ‘block’ comprises of 5 hours which can be used flexibly over the course of the month.

So, if you book six blocks, you will have 30 hours of support. These hours are flexible and can be used as required throughout the month. We can also work on-site when needed.

You can adjust the number of blocks you book up and down from month-to-month. If you ever want additional support, we can provide this at a reduced hourly rate.

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Will Foulkes

Head of Blockchain

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Will Foulkes

Head of Blockchain

Get in touch with Will

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